“Prezi – The Zooming Presentation Editor”, a review

I ran into a presentation tool called Prezi. The tool is not only easy to use with impressive features, but also generates stunningly impressive presentations. After I used the tool for a few minutes, I was able to make a presentation which was way better than it’s powerpoint version. What stuck me the most about it is that it lets you make presentations as you imagine, as opposed to the techno barriers imposed by other presentation softwares – that I think is the fundamental difference between Prezi and softwares such as Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote. If properly marketed, it could be a replacement for Powerpoint or Keynote. A few pluses include:
1. Stunning output.
2. Easy to create a presentation (very low ramp up time).
3. Very flexible layout – anything can go anywhere.
4. Fully online – This is specially useful for somebody like me who works both from home and office.
5. 500MB free for students.  :)
6. The zoom ins and zoom outs could help keep the audience up during those texty presentations on not so interesting topics.

Some of the minuses I think are:
1. Needs flash.
2. No clip-art, shapes, tables, etc (hopefully in future!). Can only insert pdf, image or video.
3. Once a frame order (path for slides) is created, changing it could be quite a pain.

In all, I think it is a great presentation tool. It took me under an hour to create this presentation.

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