Digital Forensic Analysis

Digital Forensic Analysis Memory forensics has become increasingly valuable in digital forensic analysis, as it extracts live digital evidence from the volatile memory state of a running system, which cannot be obtained from traditional hard disk based forensic analysis. However, memory forensics is an extremely challenging task, especially for closed-source operating systems (e.g.,Microsoft Windows). We aim to use binary analysis and machine learning techniques to improve the quality and robustness of memory forensics.

lcsmithPapers of Digital Forensic Analysis

[1] Yufei Gu, Yangchun Fu, Aravind Prakash, Zhiqiang Lin, and Heng Yin. OS-Sommelier: Memory-only operating system fingerprinting in the cloud. In Proceedings of the 3rd ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing, October 2012. [ bib ]


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